Wednesday 10/18 scrimmage partial recap


caught the last hour, or so, of fall ball scrimmage on Wednesday.

Some notes (partial play by play)...

Loup, Latham looked very good. In fact, most of the newcomers looked good today. Claiborne, and Simon both had some nice plays, and Weiss had a nice dig on a throw at 1st. Before I got there, I believe Goebel, Garrett, Martin, and Zinzinia had already pitched.

C- Dyer
1st - Weiss
2nd - Emaus
SS - Everett
3rd - Henry
Rf - Mac
Cf - Simon
Lf - Barto

P- Barnett
C- Robert
1st- Wiley
2nd - Griener
SS - Whitman
3rd - Claiborne
LF - didn't write it down
CF - Ackal
RF - didn't write it down
I assume Powell in left, and Scott in right, but it could be either way.

Loup was on the mound, and looked VERY GOOD. Saw him pitch to 2 players, 1 flew out to short CF, with a great play by Simon - the 2nd batter struck out on a nasty pitch by Loup.

Barnett pitching -
Cat singles, steals 2nd
Emaus weak ground ball to 3rd, thrown out on a very good play by Claiborne. Cat moves to 3rd
Mac - walks, steals 2nd
Barto - K after fouling off about 5 balls
Dyer - F/O to CF

Rogers pitching:
Scott - inf hit or error - hard hit ground ball around 2nd
Griener - K
Powell - F/O to short RF
Ackal - Scott steals 2nd, then 3rd
Ackal - F/O to 2nd.

Johnson picthing:
Wiess - F/O to 1st (foul)
Henry - single, steals 2nd and 3rd
Simon - Double to r/c, rbi (Henry)
Cat - F/O to LF
Emaus - HBP
Mac at plate, Johnson picks off Simon going to 3rd

Connick Pitching:
Claiborne - ground out to 3rd, Weiss nice dig at 1st
Wiley - HBP on Knee
Robert F/O to CF, another good play by Simon (dive)
missed the last out (cell phone call)

Claiborne pitching
Mac - f/o to R/CF
Barto - error on 3b, steals 2nd
Dyer - FC 3rd to 1st (Barto to 3rd)
Weiss - ground out to ss

Latham pitching:
Scott - K
Griener - K
Powell - g/o 3rd.

Game over.








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