Wednesday 10/18 scrimmage partial recap


ok, was able to watch the 1st 6 innings - they were supposed to go 9, but I left before they finished.

Oh, and if you want to know how JR is doing, come watch him. He was doing some throwing excercises in the bullpen today.

Gomes and Hunt were unhittable in the first 3 innings (0-0 after 3), but then got touched up in the 4th.

Mac hit a triple, Claiborne a double, Scott a double, and a maybe double by Ackal (hit near foul territory in left) and *****Emaus hit a home run********.

Shooter Hunt starting pitcher
4 Simon- cf
6 Wiess - 2nd
24 McFadden - rf
35 Barto - lf
32 Claiborne - 3rd
44 Wallace - C
42 Wiley - 1st
8 Whitman - SS
20 Griener - DH/1st

Brandon Gomes starting pitcher
11 Henry - 3rd
13 Everett- ss
17 Emaus- 2nd
2 Guidry - 1st
41 Dyer - C
30 Ackal - CF
29 Scott - LF
33 Powell - RF

Top 1st
Gomes pitching
Simon - K (looking)
Wiess - walk, to 2nd on passed ball
McFadden - K (sw)
Barto - K (look)

Botton 1st
Hunt pitching
Simon single (most likely E-4) , steals 2nd
Everett - FC (6-3) Simon moves to 3rd
Emaus F/O line drive to 1st
Guidry g/o to pitcher

Top 2nd
Gomes pitching
Claiborne g/o 3rd
Wallace g/o 3rd
Wiley f/o 2nd (in short RF)

Botton 2nd
Hunt pitching
Dyer single to right, Powell pinch runner, steals 2nd
Ackal - K (sw)
Scott - K (swinging to proctect steal) Powell steals 3rd
Robert - f/o RF

Top 3rd
Gomes pitching
whitman - g/o pitcher
griener - g/o ss
simon - K (sw)

bottom 3rd
Hunt pitching
powell - g/o 3rd
Henry - g/o 2nd
Everett - K (sw)

Top 4th
Gomes pitching
Weiss g/o (ss or 3rd)
McFadden - TRIPLE to r-CF
Barto - f/o ss
Claiborne at bat - Mac scores on WP
Claiborne - DOUBLES to l -CF
Wallace - f/o RF

Bottom 4th
Hunt pitching
Emaus - W
Guidry - K (sw) while emaus steals 2nd
Emaus steals 3rd, scores on C throwing error
Dyer - check swing, g/o pitcher
Ackal - f/o CF

Top 5th
Rogers pitching
Wiley - Walks, steals 2nd
Whitman - Walks
Griener - FC Wiley out at 3rd
Simon - K
Wiess - F/O SS (short CF)

Bottom 5th
Connick pitching
Scott - g/o 1st - pitcher covers
Robert - out (didn't write it down)
Powell - walks
Henry - walks
Everett - FC (6-4)

Top 6th
Rogers (records only 2 outs, pitch count hit)
Barto - W, steals 2nd
Claiborne - W
double steal, Claiborne out at 2nd, Barto moves to 3rd
Wallace - W
Wiley - single rf (Barto scores)
whitman - f/o CF

bottom 6th
Connick pitching
Guidry - W
Wiley - FC, Guidry out at 2nd Henry PR for Wiley
Ackal - DOUBLE to LF (might have been a fould ball, but it was called fair - no chalk lines)
Scott - DOUBLE by 3rd base line - Ackal and Henry score
Robert - f/o 1st (foul)

Rogers came out to start 7th, but I left...









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