Saturday scrimmage notes


Overcast day, then light rain hit.   Game went 6 1/2 innings.  With the wind blowing in for most of the day, no home runs, but several shots went to the warning track, probably home runs at Turchin - both Barto and Dyer, went to the wall.

 Ackal hit a double to left field.  Emaus(2), Simon, Everett, Weiss, McFadden, and Guidry (2) had rbi's.

Pitching - Both Zizinia and Loup had good outings, giving up only 1 run each in 4 innings.

Btw, Morgan was DH today.

Lastly, Claiborne looked good at first bringing back some good memories of the Graffagnini split from "back in the day".

15 - Zizinia - starting pitcher

35 - CF

6 - 2nd

42 - 3rd

44 - C

20 - LF

39 - 1st

8 - ss

33 - RF

21 - DH


28 - Loup - starting pitcher

4 - LF

13 - ss

17 - 2nd

24 - rf

2 - dh (then moved to 1st)

32 - 1st

41 - C

11 - 3rd

30 - CF

Top 1st

 Zizinia pitching

simon - K (looking)

everett - Walk, goes to 2nd wp/pb

Emaus - single LF, everett scores, Emaus to 2nd on wp

mcfadden - K (look) ,
guidry - g/o 2nd

Bottom 1st
Loup pitching

Barto - f/o deep RF

Weiss - walk

Wiley - GDP (6-4-3)  Claiborne does the split.

Top 2nd
15 pitching

Claiborne - f/o RF

Dyer - g/o ss (almost fouled out to C, but ball was dropped)

Henry - w, steals 2nd

Ackal - K (tipped, caught 3rd strike)

Bottom 2nd

28 pitching

Wallace - f/o behind mound, 2nd baseman

Griener - f/o rf

Robert - f/o rf

Top 3rd

15 pitching

Simon - f/o lf

Everett - K

Emaus - f/o rf

Bottom 3rd
Whitman K (sw)

Powell - g/o 2nd

Morgan - g/o 2nd


Top 4th
15 pitching

McFadden f/o CF

Guidry - single lf

Claiborne - K (sw)

Dyer - out (pretty sure a K, but we were talking)

Bottom 4th
28 - pitching

Barto - walk, steals 2nd, but should have been caught

Guidry is unable to throw, so he couldn't throw from 1st to 2nd.

Weiss - single rf, barto scores, Weiss goes to 2nd on throw home

Wiley - g/o ss

Wallace - f/o rf - Weiss tags, goes to 3rd

Griener - K (looking)

Top 5th
Barnett in to pitch

Henry - f/o 1st (foul)

Ackal - f/o CF

Simon - walks, steals 2nd

Everett - walks

Emaus at plate, Everett, Simon double steal

Emaus - walks

McFadden - walks (rbi, Simon)

Guidry - single up the middle, 2 rbi (Everett, Emaus)

Claiborne - K (swinging)

Bottom 5th
Johnson in to pitch

Robert - K (swinging)

Whitman - single LF

Powell - hits hard shot to Emaus, gets up, GDP (4-6-3)

Great play by Emaus

Top 6th
Barnett pitching

Dyer - single, LF - pinch runner (32)

Henry - single, rf - Claiborne to 3rd

Ackal - pb, Henry to 2nd, then Ackal walks

Simon - walks, rbi (Claiborne)

Everett - single, rbi (Henry)

Emaus - SAC fly LF, rbi (Ackal)

McFadden up - Simon gets tagged in rundown between 2nd and 3rd

Bottom 6th
Johnson pitching

Morgan - g/o 2nd

Barto - g/o ss

Weiss - g/o 3rd GREAT PLAY BY SETH.


Top 7th -

Guidry - g/o 3rd

Claiborne - double LF

Dyer - Warning track, LF, fly out.

Henry - g/o

Ackal - double to LF

end of day, rain sets in









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