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Tulane Players MLB draft History

To see players in the Major & Minor Leagues (see link)

(Tulane letter years in parenthesis, links to pages are in white letters)


Tulane Players drafted by MLB


2009 MLB Draft

Rd Pick Name Position Class Team
3 105 Joshua Prince SS Jr. Milwaukee Brewers
9 280 Aaron Loup LHP Jr. Toronto Blue Jays
10 317 Joshua Zeid RHP Sr. Philadelphia Phillies
11 344 Samuel Honeck 1B Sr. New York Mets
25 747 Taylor Rogers RHP Jr. San Francisco Giants
    Other Players of Interest      
26 801 Garrett Cannizaro 2B/SS/Inf Signee LA/Anaheim Angels
30 915 Kyle McKenzie RHP Signee New York Yankees


Prior Years - 2001 through 2008


Rd Pick 2008 Draft Position Class Team
1s 31 Steve "Shooter" Hunt RH Pitcher Jr. Minnesota Twins
8 355 Anthony Scelfo 2B/OF Jr. Tampa Bay Rays
    Other Players of Interest      
3b 109 Ross Seaton RHP Signee Houston Astros
15 451 J.P. Ramirez OF Signee Washington Nationals
15 464 Jamie Bruno 1B Signee New York Mets
16 501 T.J. House LHP Signee Cleveland Indians
35 1072 Carson Blair SS Signee Boston Red Sox
37 1114 Ryan Doiron RHP Signee Oakland Athletics
Rd Pick 2007 Draft Position Class Team
4 133 Sean Morgan RH Pitcher Jr. Arizona D-Backs
11 355 Brad Emaus INF Jr. Toronto Blue Jays
15 482 Daniel Latham RH Pitcher Sr. Minnesota Twins
17 537 Brandon Gomes RH Pitcher Sr. San Diego Padres
28 871 Warren McFadden OF So. Detroit Tigers
44 1312 Cat Everett INF/SS Jr. Houston Astros
    Other Players of Interest      
20 606 Michael Lehmann RHP (signee) HS Kansas City
47 1372 Robbie Broach RHP (signee) HS Pittsburgh
21 660 Stephen Porlier RPH (TU transfer) Jr. Oakland
24 741 Phillip Stringer INF (TU transfer) Sr. Houston
    2006 Draft      
2 76 Mark Hamilton INF/1B Jr. St. Louis Cardinals
17 556 Nate (Nathan) Southard OF Sr. St. Louis Cardinals
25 757 Billy Mohl RHP Sr. Philladelphia
    2005 Draft      
1 24 Brian Bogusevic LHP Jr. Houston Astros
3 83 Micah Owings RHP Jr. Arizona D-Backs
3 89 Tommy Manzella INF/SS Sr. Houston Astros
12 373 Greg Dini C Sr. LA/Anaheim Angels
    HS Signees drafted 2005      
1 12 Jay Bruce - $1.8 M bonus   HS Cincy Reds
14 427 Aja Barto OF HS Philadelphia Phillies
36 1073 Max Kwan C HS Seattle Mariners
    2004 Draft      
5 150 Wes Swackhammer INF Jr. St. Louis Cardinals
26 777 Brian Bormaster INF/C Sr. Toronto Blue Jays
30 897 Cory Hahn RHP Sr. Toronto Blue Jays
    2003 Draft      
1 11 Michael Aubrey INF/1B Jr. Cleveland Indians
3 70 Tony Giarratano INF/SS Sr. Detroit Tigers
12 366 Jon Kaplan OF Sr. Arizona D-Backs
24 722 Cory Hahn RHP Jr. Oakland Athletics
    HS Signee drafted in 2003      
4 121 Xavier Paul ($270K) OF HS Los Angeles Dodgers
    2002 Draft      
4 119 Nick Bourgeois RHP Jr. Philadelphia Phillies
6 185 James Jurries INF Sr. Atlanta Braves
34 1019 Beau Richardson LHP Sr. Philadelphia Phillies
    2001 Draft      
1 14 Jake Gautreau INF/1B Jr. San Diego Padres
7 215 Andy Cannizaro INF/SS Sr. New York Yankees
28 851 Matt Groff OF Sr. Oakland Athletics


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