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May 10, 2003

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A Call to Action from Athletic Director Rick Dickson

Fans and Friends Asked to Respond with Support and Commitment

May 5, 2003

Dear Friends,

By now you are aware of the current review of Tulane's intercollegiate athletics prograby an ad hoc committee of the Board of Trustees. The committee's charge is to determine what type of intercollegiate athletics program is in the best long-term interests of Tulane University, considering all possible alternatives.

In the last 10 days, we have received an outpouring of support, concern and commitment delivered via hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from alumni, fans, students, faculty and staff. We appreciate each and every one of the messages. Now is the time for action.

We need your help to build a permanent foundation for Green Wave Athletics. For years, the university has provided a subsidy to the athletics budget, but more revenues are needed. The fact is Tulane Athletics simply cannot continue to compete at the highest levels without an increased level of support from our fans, alumni and the local, state and regional community.

Every indicator tells us that Tulane runs a model athletics program that is headed in the right direction: Our student-athletes graduate. Our teams are successful - both in Conference USA and on a national level. Our coaches are dedicated professionals. We are providing equitable opportunities for young men and women within NCAA rules. Our events bring alumni, families and fans from around the city, region and country, together. Our program provides a source of pride nationwide for Tulane, our city and our state.

We have a program filled with role models and future leaders. They are worthy of your attention, passion and support. We are asking you to demonstrate your long-term commitment to the Tulane Athletics program now.

We must grow our base of support to stay in this game. Toward that end, we have set long-term goals for ticket sales and donations:
First, sales of season tickets in all sports need to show a significant increase over the next several years. Specifically, we have set the following long-term ticket goals:
1. Increase football season tickets to 15,000
2. Increase men's basketball season tickets to 2,000
3. Increase baseball season tickets to 2,500
4. Increase season ticket book sales in women's sports to 2,000

Join the TAF!

Second, we need to significantly grow the Tulane Athletics Fund, as well as our athletics endowment, within the next five years. By 2007-08, our goal is to collect $3.5 million in T.A.F. donations annually, while increasing our endowment earnings to $1.25 million over that same time period. The Tulane Athletics Fund is the fundraising arm of the athletics department. The money it raises on an annual basis goes to support our student-athletes and sports programs.

Third, join "The Green Team," a new program for 2003-04 that offers businesses the opportunity to support Tulane Athletics by purchasing groups of tickets across all sports, along with a package of tickets which are donated to charity in the name of your business. Our goal is to sell 1,000 Green Team packages.

Please call 1-866-GIVE2TU (448-3288) or 504-861-WAVE to purchase or renew tickets, or to make a donation to the Tulane Athletics Fund, and pledge your five-year commitment to the program. Visit www.TulaneGreenWave.com for information on all three efforts, or to donate and make your pledge on-line. In return for your promise of tangible support from now through the 2007-2008 seasons, we will guarantee your football season tickets at the same price for the next five years.

Print and Mail Pledge Card in PDF Format
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Over the last three years, significant progress has been made at Tulane in laying a solid base for a successful, well-rounded intercollegiate athletics program built around a tremendous group of student-athletes and coaches who succeed on the playing fields and in the classroom. Now, we need your help to build on that foundation and to add layers of stability through your fiscal support.

If you are currently contributing to Tulane Athletics, we thank you and ask you to consider buying more tickets and increasing your donation. If you value our Division I-A intercollegiate athletics program and what it adds to Tulane University and to the city, state and region, ACT NOW to show your tangible and lasting support for this deserving program.

Together, we can make Tulane Athletics the national model for a successful Division I-A intercollegiate athletics program.

Thank you and Think Green!

Rick Dickson
Director of Athletics


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