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Fall Ball notes

November 7, 2004

Ok, due to some minor health issues, my fall reports haven't been very detailed.   That's going to change, and here are some random thoughts, and then a detailed report of Sunday's game.  I will post pictures later in the week.



Emaus seems to the real deal.  Hits galore, excellent fielder.   In my opinion, best of the newbies - so far. 

Everett, the kid from Houston is another outstanding shortstop.  He should have no problem stepping into the shoes vacated by Andy, G, and Tommy.    I don't know how they are going to find playing time for him, as it looks like Tommy's a lock at SS, and Emaus is a lock at 3rd.  2nd base seems to be occupied by Holland, and Guidry. 

McFadden seems to have a lock on one of the outfield positions. He hasn't put on any batting clinics, but he is definitely going to be a power hitter.    In the past few scrimmages, he has been playing in left, with Bogey in center, and Barket in right.  I don't know if that's how we will start in February, but it's a good guess.

Connick, Barnett, Garrett, Young, and Morgan have all spent some time on the mound.   Morgan has been used primarily in a closing role.   Connick is your typical crafty lefty that will depend on location, and great breaking stuff.  Barnett and Garrett pitched for 6 innings each on Saturday, and did an ok job.  Young pitched both Saturday and Sunday, and might be used in a setup role.

Powell and Riser have been alternating in the outfield.   Powell is a Freshman from Newman, and Riser is a transfer from Pearl River CC.    


Sunday game notes:

Green team:

P - Goebel (then Young and Fairchild)

C - Griener (Everett 2 innings)

1st - Hamilton

2nd - Holland

ss - Everett

3rd - Emaus

rf - Powell

cf - Southard

lf - Rice

Black team:

P - Connick (then Morgan).

C - Madden

1st - Rebowe

2nd - Guidry

ss - Manzella

3rd - Whitman

rf - Barket

cf - Bogusevic

lf - McFadden



1st inning (Black)

Bogey, and McFadden K, then Barket walks, and Madden hits 2 run homer.  Morgan f/o to CF.



Rice walks, Emaus single, out trying to get to 2nd. Hamilton singles, rbi (Rice).  Griener g/o to P.  Southard singles, rbi (Hamilton).  Holland walks.  I didn't record third out, I believe it was out stealing.


2nd inning (Black)

Tommy infield hit, Guidry singles, Rebowe K, Whitman K, Bogey singles, rbi (Tommy).  McFadden g/o to SS.



Powell singles, Riser sac bunts.  Rice g/o to 2nd. Emaus singles, rbi (Powell).  Hamilton doubles, rbi (Emaus).  Griener singles, rbi (Hamilton).  Southard hits 2 run home run.  Holland f/o to CF.


3rd inning (Black)

Barket grounds out, Madden walks, Morgan grounds into DP.



Everett singles, to 2nd on error. Powell g/o, advances runner.  Riser f/o, and Rice g/o 3rd.


4th inning (Black)

Manzella singles, Guidry f/o to left.  Rebowe singles, rbi (Manzella).  Whitman singles.  Bogey singles, rbi (rebowe), but gets the final out at 2nd.



Hamilton doubles, but gets stranded on 3 straight outs.


5th inning (Black)

McFadden f/o CF.  Barket singles, out at 2nd. Madden f/o to CF.



Holland f/o CF.  Everett - K, Powell g/o pitcher.


6th inning(Black) Young pitching

Morgan g/o 2nd. Manzella f/o RF, Guidry K's.


Green (against Morgan)

Riser single, with error. Ricke K's, Emaus 2 run Home Run. Hamilton walks. Robert singles.  Southard grounds into double play.


7th Black

Rober f/o CF.  Rebowe doubles, Whitman f/o CF.  Bogusevic K.



Holland singles, Everett sac bunt, Powell g/o. Riser g/o SS.


8th Black (against Fairchild)

McFadden singles, Barket singles,  Passed ball or WP, Madden K's.  Morgan walks, bases loaded. Tommy sac fly, rbi.  Buidry f/o right.


At this point, I left.  Apparently Jones pitched the last half inning.




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