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2005 Spring Practice

Saturday January 22 scrimmage notes:

Saturday pics Sunday notes  Sunday pics

Green team:

P - Bogey, Mohl, Morgan, Young

C - Dini

1st - Morgan, Owings

2nd - Whitman

ss - Everett

3rd - Guidry

rf - Powell,  Barket

cf - Barket, Bogusevic

lf - McFadden

Black team:

P - Owings, Gomes, Fairchild, Garrett, Connick

C - Madden

1st - Hamilton

2nd - Holland

ss - Manzella

3rd - Emaus

rf - Southard

cf - Riser

lf - Rice


**NOTES (play by play to follow).


Sad news first.  After the scrimmage, players were doing situation hitting/defense, and Mark Robert got hurt after scoring.  Apparently, rolled his ankle/leg, and was seriously hurt.   Mark's the bullpen catcher, and probably has the most under-appreciated role on the team.  I wish Mark a speedy recovery.


Dual of the 2 ways

Owings vs Bogey netted a draw, 0-0 after 2 innings.


****PITCHERS - Bringing the HEAT!****

Let's hear it for the 90+ guys.  

Gomes hit 95

Morgan hit 95

Bogusevic hit 95

Owings hit 94


Goebel and Crowel were being iced down.  Crowel threw bullpen at, or close to, 100% for the 1st time today, so look for to him pitch next weekend.  Not sure of the status of Goebel.


Dini's back in town.  Yes, Dini returned to practice, and looks good - nice & lean.  Played catcher for the Green team today.


Batting Order:

Black Green
Riser Bogusevic
Manzella Barket
Hamilton Dini
Owings Morgan
Madden McFadden
Emaus Guidry
Holland Everett
Rice Whitman



1st Inning: 

Black (Bogey pitching for Green)

Riser, g/o ss. Manzella, f/o cf.  Hamilton g/o 1st.


Green (Owings pitching for Black)

Bogusevic K (sw). Barket singles. Dini f/o rf. Barket steals 2nd during Morgan at bat.  Morgan g/o 2nd.


2nd Inning (0-0 after 1)

Black (Bogey pitching)

Owings g/o 3rd. Madden K (sw). Emaus g/o ss.


Green (Owings pitching)

McFadden doubles to r/cf.  Guidry bunt f/o 1st.  Everett line drive out to CF. Bogey f/o lf.


3rd Inning (0-0 after 2)

Black (Mohl pitching for Green)

Holland line drive f/o cf. Rice triples to r/cf (tails away from cf).  Southard bunt sac fc, safe at home, Rice scores, Southard safe at 1st.  Rebowe single, shot up the middle. Riser, f/c Rebowe out at 2nd.  Manzella, singles, rbi (Southard scores).  Hamilton up, double steal attempt, Manzella out at 2nd before Black can score.


Green (Gomes pitching for Black)

Whitman g/o 1st.  Barket g/o 2nd.  Dini g/o ss.


4th Inning (2-0 Black after 3)

Black (Morgan pitching for Green)

Hamilton K (looking).  Madden K (looking). Emaus doubles down lf line.  Holland f/o 2nd.


Green (Gomes pitching for Black)

Owings K (sw).  Morgan singles up middle.  Rebowe runs for Morgan.  WP advances Rebowe to 2nd. McFadden g/o ss.  Guidry f/o rf.


5th Inning (2-0 Black after 4)

Black (Morgan pitching for Green)

Rice K (looking) Southard f/o to wall in rf. Rebowe g/o 1st.


Green (Fairchild pitching for Black)

Everett walks. Whitman HBP. Bogey singles rf, rbi (Everett).  Advances to 2nd on throw home. Whitman at 3rd.

Fairchild replaced by Garrett.

Barket singles off Manzella glove (drawn in infield), 2 rbi (Whitman, Bogey). Barket steals 2nd. Dini walks. Barket out at 3rd attempting steal.  Owings singles.  Morgan f/c, Dini out at home.  During McFadden at bat, Garrett throws to 1st, error, Owings scores.  McFadden HBP. Guidry g/o 2nd. 


6th Inning (4-2 Green after 5)

Black (Young pitching for Green)

Riser singles cf. Rebowe to run. Manzella f/o rf. Young p/o attempt at 1st, bad throw, Rebowe to 3rd.  Hamilton K (sw). Madden f/o lf.


Green (Connick pitching for Black)

Everett singles to the left side.  Whitman K (looking).  Bogey walks. Barket 3 run HOME RUN, 3 rbi (Everett, Bogey, Barket).  Dini singles left side.  Owings f/o rf wall. Morgan g/o ss.


7th inning (7-2 Green after 6).

Black (young pitching for Green)

Emaus walks. Holland K (sw). Emaus steals 2nd. Rice K (sw).  Southard g/o ss.


Green (Connick pitching for Black)

McFadden singles right side, steals 2nd.  Guidry f/o cf. Everett walks.  Double steal Everett out at 2nd.  Owings singles, rbi (McFadden).  Bogusevic doubles down 3rd base line.  Barket f/c ss, error on Manzella, 2 runs score (Bogey, Owings).  Dini walks.  Morgan f/o deep rf, great catch by Southard.


End of game.   Green wins. 


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